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MIMTCP -Database TCP/IP connect dispatcher

When a Mimer SQL database is created using the dbinstall command the definitions needed for remote access to the database is installed automatically. This setup is done in one of the files /etc/inetd.conf or /etc/xinetd.conf or in the directory

In all these cases the mimtcp command is used as described under Networking Setup. The mimtcp command listens to a specified TCP/IP port for an incoming Mimer SQL database connection request. It finds out the database name in the handshake message and redirects the connection to the target database using the registered information in /etc/sqlhosts.

Note: It is possible to let a Mimer SQL database server listen directly to a TCP/IP port, i.e. not using the mimtcp redirecting function. This is achieved by changing the TCPPort parameter in the multidefs file from the default inetd value to the actual port number used. See The MULTIDEFS File on VMS and UNIX.


The mimtcp syntax is as follows:

 mimtcp [ -l [logfile]]

Command-line arguments

 -l [filename]
If mimtcp is used without any option, no logging is performed.
If a string value is given in addition to the -l option, that value will be used as the log file.
If the -l option is used without a value, the filename mimtcp.log will be used that will end up in the root home folder under a sub directory called .mimer_log.


The following example will start mimtcp with logging using the default log file, located in ~/.mimer_log/mimtcp.log:

 mimtcp -l

Exit Codes

The following error codes are used:

 0 (success)
This code is used when MIMTCP has executed successfully.
 1 (error)
This error code is used when MIMTCP failed to execute successfully.

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