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The SQL descriptor area SQLDA, which was used in earlier versions of Mimer SQL, has now been replaced by a standardized SQL descriptor area.

The SQLDA area was allocated and maintained by constructions in the host language. The new SQL descriptor area is allocated and maintained by standardized embedded SQL statements.

The former SQL descriptor area SQLDA is still supported in Mimer SQL for compatibility reasons.

Win: On Windows, SQLDA is no longer available. Applications using SQLDA has to be modified to use SQL Descriptors instead.


The use of SQLCODE to retrieve status information has been replaced by the use of SQLSTATE and GET DIAGNOSTICS in Mimer SQL. For compatibility reasons, return codes can still be retrieved in SQLCODE, as in earlier versions of Mimer SQL.

SQLCODE can now either be a field in the SQLCA, or a 4-byte integer variable in the application. Mimer SQL will assume the existence of an SQLCODE variable in the application if no INCLUDE SQLCA statement is found and neither SQLSTATE nor SQLCODE is declared between BEGIN DECLARE SECTION and END DECLARE SECTION.

The values of SQLCODE are the same as the values for the internal Mimer SQL return codes described in the Mimer SQL Programmer's Manual.

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