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There are a number of views in the MIMER_STORE schema to show various aspects of the functionality that can be supported.

View name
Based on the single table CUSTOMERS.
Shows the simplest type of view - updatable if the user has the privilege. Allows a new customer to be added to the database.
Based on the previous view (i.e. views can be defined on views) but with a selection condition so that only Swedish customers are displayed.
Uses a `with check option' so that only Swedish customers can be operated on through this view.
Again based on the CUSTOMER_DETAILS view but also joined to the COUNTRIES table.
Shows how PSM functions can be used from standard SQL statements, including applying pre-defined functions on the result.
Demonstrates how to name the columns in a view definition. Introduces the coalesce expression.
The join is slightly more complicated than it needs to be because the column names are not consistent.
Forms a view across a number of tables, including an outer join on the PRODUCERS table.
Note that the coalesce expression in the select list is named; all calculated columns in a view have to be named.

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