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Mimer SQL Statements

Mimer SQL is a language made up of a number of different statements, which may be divided into the following basic categories:

The SQL statements are described in detail in subsequent chapters of this manual and in the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, SQL Statement Descriptions.

In addition, there is a set of commands specific to the BSQL environment, for managing output formatting and so on, see Mimer BSQL.

Note: In Mimer BSQL, statements are terminated by a semicolon (;). This is not part of the SQL statement syntax, but is included in the examples in this manual.

Data Definition Statements

Data definition statements are used to maintain objects in a database. For example:

Access Control Statements

Access Control Statements are used to manage privileges. For example:

Data Manipulation Statements

Data manipulation statements are used to examine and change data in the database. For example:

Connection Statements

Connection statements are used to connect and disconnect user and program idents to or from the database. For example:

Transaction Control Statements

Transaction control statements are used to control when database transactions begin and end, and when updates take effect. For example:

Database Administration Statements

Database administration statements are used to manage backup/restore operations and the statistical information used to optimize queries. For example:

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