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Data Dictionary Views

This chapter documents the predefined system views on the data dictionary tables. PUBLIC holds SELECT access on these views, so that they may be examined by any user.

INFORMATION_SCHEMA views are used to retrieve information about the objects in the data dictionary. See INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

INFO_SCHEM is an older version of this with shorter names, supported for backward compatibility. See INFO_SCHEM.

FIPS_DOCUMENTATION views contain information about SQL standards compliance features and Mimer SQL limits. See FIPS_DOCUMENTATION.

An INFORMATION_SCHEMA view can be read with the statement (note the qualified form of view-name):

 SELECT column-list
 WHERE condition

Many of the system views include only objects, privileges and so on relevant to the current ident (the description for each view indicates exactly what information is shown in the view).

Note: Some of the system views have columns designed to display information that is not currently supported by Mimer SQL (e.g. catalog names for database objects), in this situation the empty string ("") will be shown in these columns.

The tables in the data dictionary may be read directly only by the system administrator ident SYSADM in the default installation. The base tables in the data dictionary are documented in the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook. The system administrator may, if desired, grant SELECT access on the dictionary tables to other users.

No user may access the data dictionary views or tables directly for any purpose other than SELECT. All data dictionary maintenance is performed by internal routines and is invisible to the user.

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