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Calling Procedures

In addition to using data manipulation statements directly, as just described, it is also possible to manipulate table data by calling a procedure. Procedures perform the specific data manipulations laid out in the procedure definition.

Any SQL statement in the grouping procedural-sql-statement, see the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Procedural SQL Statements, can be used in a procedure, and this includes all the data manipulation statements.

The use of procedures allows data manipulation within the database to be controlled both in terms of strictly defining which data manipulation operations are performed and also in terms of regulating which database objects can be affected.

In the CALL statement, the value-expressions or assignment targets specified for each of the procedure parameters must be of a data type that is assignment-compatible, see the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Assignments, with the parameter data type.

See the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, CALL, for full details of the CALL statement and the Mimer SQL Programmer's Manual, Mimer SQL Stored Procedures, for a general discussion of the stored procedure functionality supported in Mimer SQL.

Examples of Calling Procedures

Invoke the procedure called SEARCH in the MIMER_STORE_MUSIC schema:
 CALL mimer_store_music.search(:title, :artist, CAST(NULL as integer));

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