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Embedded SQL

In previous chapters, we discussed the ODBC and JDBC APIs. This chapter discusses the scope, principles, processing and structure of embedded SQL (ESQL).

ESQL enables you to code SQL statements in a host program written in C/C++, COBOL or FORTRAN. You can specify SQL statements directly in the host program's source code. However, because the host language's compiler won't recognize the SQL statements as valid, a preprocessor is required.

The Scope of Embedded Mimer SQL

The following groups of SQL statements are common to ESQL and interactive SQL:

There are a number of commands provided for use with BSQL which are not included in the Mimer SQL interface, these are described in the Mimer SQL User's Manual, Mimer BSQL.

Note: In the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Usage Modes, Mimer SQL statements are identified as valid for use in ESQL, for interactive use or both.

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