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Establishing the Ident and Data Structure

Once the local database environment has been created for a Mimer SQL database (database name, server parameters, system databanks, the SYSADM ident plus the system tables and views), the data structure for the database (idents, user databanks, tables, and so on) can be created using Mimer SQL data definition statements.

Mimer BSQL allows the execution of a sequential file which can then be used as a permanent record of the CREATE statements used to create the database objects, see the Mimer SQL User's Manual, Mimer BSQL.

Mimer BSQL also supports the saving of input and/or output to a log file (using the LOG command), so this facility could be used to create a permanent record of an interactive Mimer BSQL session which could be run again at a later date. Mimer BSQL, however, only has limited support for error handling.

An application program using embedded SQL (ESQL), JDBC or ODBC can also be used, but this requires more work on the part of the programmer and it provides a less concise record of the ident and data structure in the database.

Third party SQL tools are also available which may be used to create the database data structure.

Caution: A sequential file intended for non-interactive execution in Mimer BSQL can include user name and password information relating to any CONNECT statements used. For security reasons, such a file should be well protected in the operating system, preferably with any user name and password edited out of any permanent copy of the file.

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