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About this Manual

This manual describes how to establish, manage and maintain a Mimer SQL database. It is a general handbook for system administrators, describing in detail the various areas of responsibility and procedures to use when administering a Mimer SQL database system.

The information contained in this handbook generally applies to all the platforms supported by Mimer SQL.

From time to time platform-specific notes appear in the general description, presented as follows:

UNIX: Denotes information that applies specifically to UNIX/Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

VMS: Denotes information that applies specifically to OpenVMS platforms.

Win: Denotes information that applies specifically to Windows platforms.

There are also some appendices at the end of this handbook which contain information that applies to specific platforms.


There are no prerequisites for users of this manual. However, it is advisable for the reader to be familiar with, and have a working knowledge of, the host computer operating system.

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Acronyms, Terms and Trademarks

Application Programming Interface.
Facility for using SQL interactively or by running a command file.
Data source
ODBC term for a database.
A databank corresponds to a physical file in the host file system and is used to store tables. A databank may contain several tables.
A Mimer SQL database consists of the system databanks and a number of user databanks.
Database home directory
The directory where the system databank file containing the data dictionary and some other files that form part of the database are located.
Digital Command Language.
Embedded SQL
The term used for SQL statements when they are embedded in a traditional host programming language.
Database connectivity for Java.
A file, on UNIX and OpenVMS, containing parameters for controlling the database server for a Mimer SQL database.
Open Database Connectivity, a specification for a database API in the C language, independent of any specific DBMS or operating system.
Persistent Stored Modules (i.e. Stored Procedures).
A Mimer SQL databank may have one or more shadows. A shadow is a copy of the original (master) databank and is continuously updated by Mimer SQL.
Structured Query Language.
A file, on UNIX and OpenVMS, containing lookup information for all Mimer SQL databases accessible from the current node.
UNIX is a trademark registered by the Open Group.
VMS is a trademark registered by Hewlett-Packard.
Windows is a trademark registered by Microsoft.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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