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Creates a new shadow for a databank.




A new shadow for a databank is created, i.e. a new physical file is created in the host file system and the contents of an existing Mimer SQL databank is copied to the file, see the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, Mimer SQL Shadowing, for more details.

The filename-string specifies the name of the new file in the host system and is stored in the data dictionary as the physical location of the shadow.


CREATE SHADOW is only for use with the optional Mimer SQL Shadowing module.

The ident executing the CREATE SHADOW statement must hold SHADOW privilege.

The CREATE SHADOW statement cannot be used if the databank to be shadowed is OFFLINE.

The databank to be shadowed (specified by databank-name) cannot be used by any other user while the shadow is being created.

A databank must have either the TRANSACTION or LOG option if it is to be shadowed, since the shadowing facility requires transaction handling.

The Mimer SQL shadowing functionality cannot be used together with the automatic upgrade feature. When setting the AUTOUPGRADE attribute on a database, following CREATE SHADOW statements will fail. And vice versa, when having databank shadows in the system it will not be possible to enable the AUTOUPGRADE attribute.


The shadow-name may not be the same as that of any existing databank or shadow.

The value of filename-string must always be enclosed in string delimiters. The maximum length of the filename string is 256 characters.

Refer to Specifying the Location of User Databanks for details concerning the specification of path name components in filename-string.


The following example creates the shadow SYSDB_S for the Mimer SQL system databank SYSDB in the file sysdb_s:

     FOR SYSDB IN 'sysdb_s'

For more information, see the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, Mimer SQL Shadowing.

Standard Compliance


Mimer SQL extension
The CREATE SHADOW statement is a Mimer SQL extension.

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