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For SQL syntax elements, Mimer SQL accepts characters according to the Unicode Standard.

For the purposes of the syntax rules in SQL, characters may be divided into the following classes:

Character class
A - Z, a - z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Letters and digits
White-space characters (HEX-values 09 to 0D, 20, 85, A0, i.e. <TAB>, <LF>, <VT>, <FF>, <CR>, <SP>, <NS>, and <NEL>)
All characters except letters and digits

Note: The definition of letters is restricted to the English standard alphabet. National characters are treated as special characters.

Special Characters

Certain special characters have particular meanings in SQL statements; for example: delimiters, double quotation marks, single quotation marks, and arithmetic and comparative operators.

The special characters $ and # may, in some circumstances, be used in the same contexts as letters, see Identifiers.

A separator is used to separate keywords, identifiers and literals from each other.

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