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Reading Standard Compliance Tables

For each language element and statement, the standards compliance is noted in a table, e.g. for GRANT ACCESS PRIVILEGE:

Fully compliant.
Feature outside core
Feature F731, "INSERT column privileges" support for granting insert on individual columns.

Mimer SQL extension
The keyword PRIVILEGES is optional and not mandatory in Mimer SQL.

The compliance of a certain statement is always compared to the current ANSI/ISO standard, which at the moment of writing is SQL-2003.

The table indicates how Mimer SQL complies to core SQL-2003. Mostly Mimer SQL is fully compliant with all features in core SQL-2003, but in the rare case where Mimer SQL does not support a certain core feature it is mentioned here.

Mimer SQL also supports a number of features outside core SQL-2003 which can be seen on the second row of the table.

Finally, extensions specific to Mimer SQL is described.

If portability over different database platforms is important, care should be taken to use standard SQL whenever possible. When you have to use Mimer SQL extensions these should be isolated so they can be exchanged when porting to another database. Even if you only use standard SQL there is no warranty that the code can be used with other database products as practically all vendors only implements a subset of the standard.

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