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Specifying Single-user Mode Access

If the database is to be accessed in single-user mode by default, the environmental variable or logical name called MIMER_MODE should be defined as SINGLE, as shown in the examples that follow.

If MIMER_MODE is not defined or is set to MULTI, or the database is a remote one, it will be accessed in multi-user mode by default.

If MIMER_MODE is set to SINGLE and the default database, see The Default Database, is set to point to a local database, the database will be opened in single-user mode. (Remote databases will be accessible through the client/server interfaces in multi-user mode).

Note: Many of the programs which are part of the Mimer SQL distribution support the command-line flags -s and -m (or /SINGLE, /MULTI) which control whether they access a database in single-user or multi-user mode.

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