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The SINGLEDEFS Parameter File

The use of a SINGLEDEFS parameter file is optional.

When a single-user mode connection is established, the SQLPOOL and bufferpool data areas are dynamically created.

The SQLPOOL area will grow dynamically if more space is needed, see SQLPOOL.

UNIX + VMS: To change the size of the bufferpool in single-user mode a SINGLEDEFS file, similar to the MULTIDEFS file, should be created in the database home directory.
A template of this file, showing the default values for the relevant parameters, can be found in the examples directory which is located in the Mimer SQL installation directory.

 --  Parameters for single-user system
 Databanks        100     -- (40-1000)     Max number of databanks
 Tables           4000    -- (500-1000000) Max number of tables
 ActTrans         50      -- (10-1000000)  Max number of transactions
 Pages2K          8000    -- (22-1000000)  Size of 2k bufferpool region (pages)
 Pages16K         800     -- (22-1000000)  Size of 16k bufferpool region (pages)
 Pages64K         96      -- (22-1000000)  Size of 64k bufferpool region (pages)
Note: When changing parameters in the SINGLEDEFS file, always change the copy in the database home directory. Never change the template file in the examples directory.

Win: The use of a SINGLEDEFS is not supported on the Windows platform.

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