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Automatic Database Start and Stop

When Mimer SQL is installed, autostart is automatically enabled.

The mimservers program will start or stop all local Mimer SQL v10.1 servers defined in the SQLHOSTS file.

Automatic start and stop for local servers is achieved by adding routines to the init.d environment of the operating system that performs calls to the mimservers program.

The init.d setup is done by using the mimautoset command, invoked during installation. For details, see the man-page for init.d.

To exclude a server from the automatic start/stop procedure, set the AutoStart parameter in the multidefs file for that server to: 0.

Note: For systems for which the method using an init.d environment for automatic start/stop does not apply, no setup will be made. In this case explicit calls to the mimservers program must be added to rc-files, or corresponding.

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