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Data Dictionary Tables

This appendix documents the organization of the data dictionary tables, which are stored in the databank SYSDB.

The tables are created by the SDBGEN program when the system is created. The tables are created in a schema called SYSTEM and are thus effectively owned by a pseudo ident called SYSTEM.

The database administration ident SYSADM is granted SELECT access on the dictionary tables with the WITH GRANT OPTION. No other user may read the data dictionary base tables unless authorized to do so by SYSADM.

A set of system views is defined on the data dictionary tables when the system is installed, see the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Data Dictionary Views for more information).

The logical group PUBLIC is granted SELECT access on these views, so that any user may read the dictionary information presented in the views. Many of the view definitions restrict the information presented to descriptions of objects and privileges accessible to the current user.

Note: If SYSADM reads the contents of such a view, the result shows only the objects and privileges to which SYSADM has access. In order to gain information on inaccessible objects and privileges, SYSADM must read the contents of the dictionary base tables directly.

The SYSADM ident may define installation-specific views on the data dictionary tables to supplement the system-defined views. Such views may be tailor-made for the installation or system in use, and SELECT access on the views may be granted to limited user groups if desired.

All maintenance of the data dictionary is performed by internal routines and is invisible to the user. No user, including SYSADM, may alter the contents of the data dictionary directly.

Note: Mimer reserves the right to change the internal organization of the data dictionary, without maintaining backward compatibility with user-written application programs which read the data dictionary tables directly.

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