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The Data Dictionary

The database environment is controlled through a central data dictionary, stored in the system databank SYSDB and is automatically maintained by Mimer SQL. The data dictionary contains meta-data describing all the objects in the database. System access to the data dictionary tables is performed by internal routines and is transparent to the user.

Restricted facilities for examining the contents of the data dictionary are available to all users through the LIST and DESCRIBE functions in BSQL, see the Mimer SQL User's Manual, Mimer BSQL for a more complete description of these facilities.

In general, a user may read data dictionary information for database objects to which they have access. The BSQL facilities use pre-defined views on the data dictionary tables to present the information in a structured form, see the Mimer SQL Reference Manual, Data Dictionary Views for documentation on the data dictionary views available to all users.

The SYSADM user ident may read the contents of the data dictionary tables directly, and may grant SELECT access on the tables to any other user ident. The organization of the data dictionary tables is documented in Data Dictionary Tables of this manual.

No individual user, including SYSADM, may update data dictionary tables directly. All write operations in the data dictionary are performed by internally controlled routines, to ensure consistency within the dictionary.

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