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Introduction to SQL Standards

The language SQL is standardized by international standard bodies such as ISO and ANSI. By using standard SQL it should be easier to move applications between different database systems without the need to rewrite a substantial amount of code. Using standard SQL does not give any warranty though as all vendors does not implement all features in the standard.

Mimer Information Technology's policy is to develop Mimer SQL as far as possible in accordance with the established standard. This enables users to switch to and from Mimer SQL easily.

The current standard for SQL is ISO/IEC 9075:2011, referred to here as SQL-2011.

The standard is written in a very formal manner. It is therefore difficult to use as a programming guide. SQL-2011 does not contain any specifications for administration of a database system and it does not specify any physical limitations. e.g. the maximum number of columns in table and maximum record size.

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