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System Management Responsibilities

Installation of a Mimer SQL system and the initial creation of the database environment is performed by a specially privileged operating system user, referred to as the system administrator.

In an established system, the system administrator is also responsible for the maintenance of the installation - system tuning, troubleshooting, backup/restore, and so on. The system administrator must have a good working knowledge of the host computer operating system.


In addition to system administration, there are certain management activities which are performed within the database, i.e. database administration.

A specially privileged Mimer SQL ident called SYSADM is created when a database is installed and this ident should be used whenever database administration activities are to be undertaken.

Note: The ident name SYSADM may not be changed.

SYSADM Privileges and Access Rights

Some of the Mimer SQL functionality requires privileges and access rights which are initially granted only to the SYSADM user, but which may be passed on to other Mimer SQL users.

SYSADM has SELECT access on the internal Mimer SQL data dictionary tables, permitting direct reading of the meta-data describing the system. In examining the contents of the data dictionary with the functionality provided, the user ident SYSADM has, by default, wider access rights than other users.

The user ident SYSADM does not, however, have general access to the contents of the database. Information stored in user-defined tables may only be accessed by other users if the creator of the table explicitly grants permission. In this context, SYSADM is treated just as any other database user.

SQL Statement Execution

At several places in this manual there are guidelines where SQL statements are shown. These statements can be executed from any ad-hoc SQL query tools, such as Mimer BSQL, DbVisualizer, etc.

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