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Managing a Database Server

The database server enables one or more users to access a database. Each database may have one database server running against it and the server runs on the machine where the database resides.

The parameters which control a database server and which can be tuned to optimize performance are specified as part of the definition of a local database.

The MIMCONTROL functionality provides facilities for managing the operation of a database server (e.g. starting, controlled shutdown, etc.).

The MIMINFO functionality provides facilities for getting system management information from a Mimer SQL database server, such as:

Operational and error messages generated by a database server are recorded in the database server log, see Database Server Log.

System Performance

In a Mimer SQL system there are a number of system-wide parameters that have a major impact on the overall system performance.

The most important parameters are the bufferpool size and the number of request and background threads.

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