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A databank is the physical file where a collection of tables is stored. A Mimer SQL database can contain any number of databanks.

There are two types of databanks, system and user.

System Databanks

System databanks contain system information used by the database manager. These databanks are defined when the system is created.

The system databanks are:

User Databanks

User databanks contain the user tables. These databanks are defined by the user(s) responsible for setting up the database. See Specifying the Location of User Databanks for details concerning path names for user databank files.

The division of tables between different user databanks is a physical file storage issue and does not affect the way the database contents are presented to the user. Except in special situations (such as when creating tables), databanks are completely invisible to the user.

Note: Backup and restore in Mimer SQL can be performed on a per-databank basis rather than on entire database basis. See the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, Backing-up and Restoring Data for more information.

Specifying the Location of User Databanks

The location for a user databank file can be specified completely (as an absolute path name) or with some of the path name components omitted (a relative path name).

The default values used for omitted path name components are taken from the path name for the system databank file SYSDB, which is located in the database home directory.

Note: The databank location stored in the Mimer SQL data dictionary is the path name as explicitly specified, i.e. without the addition of default values for any omitted path name components. Such additions are determined and added each time the file is accessed.

Refer to the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, The Database Environment for recommendations concerning databank file management and for information on how the path name for a databank file is determined.

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