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Care must be taken if database objects are dropped with the CASCADE option, and when REVOKE is performed, particularly with respect to routines and modules.

It is important to bear in mind the following points in connection with modules and routines:

If an ident attempts to drop a routine for which there is a compiled version currently being held by another ident, the DROP operation will fail because the routine is in use.

When a routine is invoked, it is compiled and the compiled version of the routine is held by the invoking ident. Any other idents invoking a routine while a compiled version of it exists will use the existing compiled version and this will be held by them as well.

A compiled version of a routine will generally be held by an ident until the ident disconnects. If the routine invocation is contained in a dynamic SQL statement, deallocating the statement will release the compiled version of the routine immediately without the need for a disconnect.

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