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Method Invocation

The syntax for a method-invocation is:

where instance-method-invocation is:

and static-method-invocation is:

and constructor-method-invocation is:

and arguments are:

The type name may be qualified by a schema name in the normal manner. A method name however can not be qualified by a schema name in the context of a method invocation.

An instance method invocation requires that there is an instance of the user-defined type on which the method is defined. An instance is created by using a constructor method invocation, if the user-defined type is structured or the initializer function if it is distinct.

Note that if a method invocation returns a user-defined type, it is possible to use this result as an instance for further invocations.

 create type person as (name nchar varying(30), birthDate date)
     declare p person;
     set p = new person();
     set p = p.name('Haddock').birthDate(date'1887-02-18');
 select person_column.name
 from persons
 order by person_column.birthDate;

Mimer SQL Experience
The method-invocation syntax is not supported (since user-defined types are not supported.)

Standard Compliance

This section summarizes standard compliance for expressions.

Mimer SQL Engine:
Feature E071-06 "Table operations in subqueries" is not supported, otherwise fully compliant.
Mimer SQL Experience:
Fully compliant.
Features outside core
Feature F251, "Domain support" use of domain as target specification in cast expressions.
Feature F052, "Intervals and Datetime arithmetic".
Feature F690, "Collation support" support for collate clause.
Feature P002, "Computational completeness".
Feature T031, "Boolean datatype".
Mimer SQL Engine:
Feature S023, "Basic structured types".
Feature S024, "Enhanced structured types".

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