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Mimer SQL supports continuous replication of data from a source database to a target database. The replication is based on triggers that store changes for replicated tables in log tables. The replication system reads these log tables and carries out the operations on the target system. The replication system consists of three separate programs, MIMREPADM, REPSERVER, and MIMSYNC.

MIMREPADM is a command line based tool for defining which tables that should be replicated. It is also used for install and uninstall of the replication dictionary, which is needed for maintaining information about replicated tables.

MIMREPADM handles the actual replication.

The synchronization program, MIMSYNC, performs data manipulation operations to ensure that source and target tables contain the same rows.

Note: The replication system cannot be used to create tables on the target database. It is the responsibility of the user to create these tables.


These programs use ODBC for database access. The Mimer SQL version of the source database must be 9.3.5 or later. The Mimer SQL version of the target database must be 9.2.4 or later.

There must be a Mimer license key that allows replication on the source database. No replication key is required on the target database.


For a replicated table, the value of a primary key column must not be updated.

Note: If a primary key value is updated, that row will not be replicated. In that case mimsync can be used to correct the replicated data. See MIMSYNC - Synchronizing Tables.

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