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The SQLHOSTS File on VMS and Linux

This appendix applies to the OpenVMS and Linux/macOS platforms only.

It describes the SQLHOSTS file which is used to list all the databases that are accessible to a Mimer SQL application from the node on which it resides.

For general information on how to make databases accessible, refer to Registering the Database.

Linux: On a Linux node, the path name of SQLHOSTS file is /etc/sqlhosts.
The program called mimsqlhosts can be used to manage the contents of the SQLHOSTS file instead of editing it manually.
When the dbinstall program is used to install a local database on a Linux node, an entry for it is automatically added to the LOCAL section, see LOCAL Section, of the SQLHOSTS file on that node.
If the file is not found, a default SQLHOSTS file is automatically generated. (See the mimhosts and sqlhosts man-pages).

VMS: On an OpenVMS node, the SQLHOSTS file can have any name and is located by translating the logical name MIMER_SQLHOSTS. The MIMSETUP command will define it to be:

A default SQLHOSTS file is generated by the installation of the Mimer SQL software.

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