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There are a number of idents, both users and groups. All ident names have a MIMER_ prefix and group idents have a _GROUP suffix to aid with their identification.

The user ident MIMER_ADM can be thought of as an administrator, which is the reason why the user has been given the system privilege to create new idents and tables. Access and object privileges are not granted directly to the user but inherited through membership of MIMER_ADMIN_GROUP. This group of idents has a high level of privileges to manipulate the database tables and views but they do not have total uncontrolled access, only the MIMER_STORE ident has that. It should be possible to perform a lot of the course work from the MIMER_ADM ident.

The user MIMER_USR is granted membership of the MIMER_STORE_GROUP. As can be seen it is possible to grant a group membership of another group; in this case, the members of the MIMER_ADMIN_GROUP (now and in the future) are automatically granted whatever privileges are allocated to MIMER_STORE_GROUP. So when the execute privilege on the PSM procedure COMING_SOON is allocated to MIMER_STORE_GROUP it is automatically also granted to the members of MIMER_ADMIN_GROUP, which includes the user MIMER_ADM.

Note: At the end of the default installation of the example database, the permission to create further idents and databanks from example environment is revoked. This is since the default system is given public passwords, and therefore is open to any user. The revoke commands used are the following:
To deliberately open up the system, use the GRANT IDENT and GRANT DATABANK statements.
See the exdef.sql file for details.

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