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Error Messages

Error messages from BSQL are shown when you enter an illegal BSQL command or attempt to execute an erroneous SQL statement.

The error messages for erroneous SQL statements are the same as the return codes found in the Mimer SQL Programmer's Manual.

Error messages that can be received for illegal BSQL commands are:

String exceeds 256 characters which is not allowed
File could not be opened
Too many files have been opened
Conflict. One of COMMIT or ROLLBACK and EXIT or CONTINUE
Undefined command <%>
Ambiguous command <%>
<%> command not valid in this context
Missing semicolon
Missing statement terminator (@)
Syntax error
Undefined keyword
String expected
Filenames must be enclosed in apostrophes
Invalid numerical literal
Unexpected end of command
Too many parameters
Failed to read dictionary
Record too large for one page (<%> lines required) Increase value of LC/PL or set them to zero
The number of host variables cannot exceed 20
Space area exhausted
Help databank not installed or inaccessible
Help topic not found
Maximum record length <%> exceeded
Maximum header length exceeded
Load/unload is not allowed within a transaction
Pending transaction , Commit or Rollback
Invalid transaction number, must be between 1 and <%>
Server version and BSQL version must be the same when using READLOG
The READLOG statement cannot be used within a transaction
Invalid string literal, missing delimiter (')
Error when reading from terminal
<%> logging has not been activated with the LOG command
No buffer saved
Too long statement
Syntax error in file name
File not found
File protection violation
File locked
Maximum number of opened files exceeded
Disk space exhausted
** Installation dependent **
** Installation dependent **
Unspecified file open error
Disk space exhausted
Previous perform file is not finished
Only select statements can be used with PRINT
Invalid numerical argument
Illegal value for <%>
The routine is overloaded. Use describe specific instead.
Maximum number of result items exceeded, limited to 300.
Maximum number of input items exceeded, limited to 300.

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