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Ident Structure

In the initial installation, one user ident, the system administrator with user ident name SYSADM, is automatically created.

SYSADM Privileges

The system administrator has the following privileges (with grant option):

The system administrator is ultimately responsible for the structure of the whole system. In other respects, however, the system administrator is an ordinary user ident in the system.

There is no ident in Mimer SQL with automatic right of access to all objects within the system.

It is quite possible, and may be advisable especially in large system, that the system administrator is prevented from accessing the actual contents of the database; the system administrator's job is to manage objects in the system, not work on the data.

About System Utilities

Certain system utilities may only be run by idents with BACKUP or SHADOW privilege, see the Mimer SQL System Management Handbook.

When granting privileges, the keyword PUBLIC refers to a logical group that covers all idents in the database, including those created in the future.

Recommendations for Ident Structure

The following general recommendations can be made for structuring the idents in a system:

If these recommendations are followed, maintenance of the ident structure in the system is simplified. Access to the contents of the database is granted to relatively few group idents instead of many individual programs or users, and when a physical individual leaves the company, their user ident can be dropped with no cascading consequences.

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