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Executing SQL Statements

To execute SQL statements you can use DbVisualizer or BSQL, both included in the Mimer distribution.

The Mimer BSQL program supports a number of command-line arguments. See Mimer SQL System Management Handbook, Mimer BSQL for a detailed description.

The syntax for Mimer BSQL (expressed in Unix-style) is as follows:

 bsql [-u[username]] [-p[password]] [-s|-m] [-qquery] [database]

If neither -s nor -m is specified for the optional mode flag, the way the database is accessed will be determined by the setting of the MIMER_MODE variable, see Specifying Single-user Mode Access, or, if this is not set, it will be accessed in multi-user mode.

Arguments containing more than one word should be enclosed in ". Note that VMS translates arguments to lower case when Unix-style syntax is used.


Linux: The Unix-style command-line flags must be used on a Linux machine.

VMS: Either the Unix-style or the VMS-style command-line flags may be used on an OpenVMS machine - see the Mimer SQL VMS Guide for more details.

Win: The Unix-style command-line flags can be used from a command prompt window.

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