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The Local Database

A local database is one that resides on the machine where its database server executes (i.e. the system databank file containing the data dictionary exists on a local disk).

A local database definition registers the database by specifying a name (which is not case sensitive) and a home directory for the database.

It also involves specifying various parameters which configure the database server that is started for the database.

Linux + VMS: The definition of a local database under Linux and OpenVMS involves specifying the database name and the database home directory in the SQLHOSTS file, see The SQLHOSTS File on VMS and Linux.
Parameters that control the database server are specified in the MULTIDEFS file which is located in the database home directory, see The MULTIDEFS File on VMS and Linux for details about this file and the parameters it contains.
The MULTIDEFS file is automatically created with appropriate default values for all parameters when the database server is first started.

Win: The definition of a local database under Windows is created by running the Mimer Administrator and specifying the required parameters, including those that control the database server, which are stored in the Windows registry.
Windows help is provided with the Mimer Administrator to guide you through the creation of a local database. Default values are supplied for all parameters except the database name and home directory.

A fully created local database, complete with its Mimer SQL license key, see Mimer SQL License Key, Mimer SQL system databanks, see SDBGEN - Generating the System Databanks, user databanks and the ident and data structure contained in them, see Establishing the Ident and Data Structure, constitutes a Mimer SQL database.

A completely created local database can only be accessed from the machine on which it resides. If the database is to be accessed from a remote node, connected to the local machine via a network connection, a remote database definition for the database must be created on the remote node.

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