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Mimer SQL is an advanced relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Mimer Information Technology AB.

The main characteristics of Mimer SQL are zero maintenance, small footprint and high performance. These are based on a number of unique technical solutions to handle some of the more complicated functionality that a database management system must provide.

For example, Mimer SQL provides a solution to the problem of allowing simultaneous access to the database without the danger of a deadlock occurring. This greatly simplifies database management and allows truly scalable performance, even during heavy system-load.

Another significant technical innovation is the data storage mechanism, which is constantly optimized for the highest possible performance and ensures that no manual reorganization of the database is ever needed.

Mimer SQL offers a uniquely scalable and portable solution, including multi-core support. The product is available on a wide range of platforms from small embedded and handheld devices running for example Android, Linux and real-time operating systems like VxWorks, to workgroup and enterprise servers running Linux, Windows, macOS and OpenVMS. This makes Mimer SQL ideally suited for open environments where interoperability, portability and small footprint are important.

The database management language Mimer SQL (Structured Query Language) is compatible in all essential features with the currently accepted SQL standards, see the Introduction to SQL Standards, for details.

This manual provides a full reference description of the Mimer SQL language. It is a complement to the Mimer SQL User's Manual and the Mimer SQL Programmer's Manual.

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