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Mimer SQL and the ODBC API

ODBC enables your Mimer SQL database to become an integral part of an application. SQL statements can be incorporated into the application, allowing the application to retrieve and update values from a database. Values from the database can be placed in program variables for manipulation by the application. Conversely, values in program variables can be written to the database.

This chapter is not intended to be a complete guide to the functionality provided by ODBC. It is written to introduce you to accessing Mimer SQL through ODBC.

For a more detailed discussion of Mimer SQL, ODBC and other database API's, please see https://developer.mimer.com/doc/database-apis/.

The Examples in this Chapter

The ODBC function calls in the examples use ODBC 3.5 syntax, although they are not generally dependent on a Windows platform. It should be possible to use the examples as a basis for translation into other languages.

In the examples, there are various references to macros (e.g. SQL_ERROR), these are defined in the sql.h header file. SQL_NTS indicates a null terminated string; hopefully other names are self-explanatory.

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