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Native SQL Escape Clauses

Using native SQL escape clauses with short-form syntax is supported by the Mimer SQL Experience server, not only from the ODBC driver, but from all Mimer database API's, including scripted or interactive execution from BSQL.

Long-form escape clauses are supported, but need to be handled by the ODBC driver before execution.

Short- and long-form syntax examples:
 { d'2001-01-01' }
 --(* vendor(Microsoft), product(ODBC) d'2001-01-01' *)--

The function SQLNativeSQL transforms a long-form escape clause to a short-form escape clause, making it directly executable.

     "UPDATE mimer_store.items SET release_date = 
     --(* vendor(Microsoft), product(ODBC) d '2001-01-01' *)--
     WHERE product_id = 100",
     SQL_NTS, (keep)szSqlStr, 1200, pcbSqlStr);
 SQLExecDirect(hstmt, szSqlStr, SQL_NTS);

The only accepted vendor is Microsoft, and the only accepted product is ODBC. All long-form escape clauses with other vendors or products will be discarded. A syntactically incorrect long-form escape clause will not be transformed.

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