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Operating Systems

Mimer SQL supports ODBC as one of its native APIs for applications written in C, C++, Microsoft Visual Basic and a large number of other development tools.

Linux: Information on the availability and use of Driver Managers for ODBC on Linux and macOS platforms can be provided by your Mimer SQL distributor.
The library to specify as the ODBC driver when defining a Mimer ODBC data source is libmimer or libmimodbc. An ODBC SDK (various versions available) is also useful in order to develop applications.
As an example on how to link an ODBC application, see the supplied ex_makefile example makefile.

VMS: An ODBC driver is supplied with Mimer SQL on OpenVMS and client applications can link with it to use ODBC on OpenVMS platforms. The Driver Manager for ODBC on OpenVMS is not yet available. For further assistance, contact your Mimer SQL representative.
A Mimer SQL database server running on an OpenVMS node can always be accessed remotely by a client application using ODBC from another type of platform via the client/server interface.

Win: When a Mimer SQL client is installed on a Windows platform, the ODBC driver manager and other resources needed to use ODBC are also installed.
The ODBC SDK (available from Microsoft) is also required in order to develop applications.

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