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Mimer SQL Support For Microsoft DTC on Windows

Mimer SQL supports the complete distributed transaction model according to the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC). This allows transactions to span several Mimer SQL databases. The database servers can be located on any type of hardware where Mimer SQL 9.1 or later is supported. To use MSDTC, the client must be on a Windows platform.

It is also possible to have transactions over heterogeneous database systems. For example, a single transaction can be performed which updates data in both a Mimer SQL database and a Microsoft SQL Server database.

The support allows code written for Microsoft Transaction Server and COM+ to be used with Mimer SQL. The transaction can be managed automatically by the COM+ server. I.e. transactional components are fully supported and transactional attributes can be `Supported', `Required', or `Requires New'. Please see your COM+ documentation for a thorough discussion of these options.

There is no distributed transaction support for Mimer SQL servers older than 9.1.

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