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Mimer SQL Support for Java Enterprise Edition

Mimer SQL has full support for the distributed transactions in Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) through the XA support in the Mimer JDBC Driver. With Java EE any XA compliant data source can take part in a distributed transaction. The distributed transactions are handled by the Java EE Application Server and specified by the application developer in a declarative manner. This way the application developer does not have to include any transaction handling logic in the application. Distributed transactions can be used in several different parts of the Java EE framework, for example in Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

To be able to use Mimer SQL in a distributed transaction an XA data source must be created in the application server. How this is done differ between different application servers, consult your manual to see how it is done. When defining an XA data source for Mimer SQL, the com.mimer.jdbc.MimerXADataSource Java class should be used.

For more information about the Mimer JDBC Driver, see the Mimer JDBC Driver Guide.

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