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Using Version 7 Applications With Mimer SQL Version 9

Note: This chapter applies to Mimer SQL on Alpha/VMS and not Integrity, since no Mimer SQL version 7 was released there.

General database upgrade information is provided in the Mimer SQL Engine Release Notes.

This appendix describes the specific task of using a Mimer SQL version 7 application with a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 database server.

License Keys

Please note that the version 7 application needs a version 7 license key (located in MIMKEY7).

The Mimer SQL Engine version 9 database server needs a version 9 license key located in SYS$SPECIFIC:[SYSMGR]MIMERKEY.DAT.

A single node will need both license keys if it runs version 7 applications and a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 server.

Communication Methods

If a Mimer SQL version 7 application is to be used with a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 server, there are four main approaches to establishing communication:

Re-linking Applications

This method is recommended for applications running on the same node as the database server.

You can re-link Mimer SQL version 7 tools, such as QL or PG, for use in a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 environment, accessing a version 9 database server using the special command procedure MIMBUILD9.COM.

To read more about this and download MIMBUILD9.COM, please go to:

Remapping Shareable Libraries

This method is recommended when the sources or objects files for the application is missing.

A Mimer version 7 application can access a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 server by mapping in the version 9 sharable image instead of the version 7 one.

This can be achieved by defining the following logical names, after executing MIMSETUP7:


Client-server Access

This method is recommended when the Mimer SQL Engine version 9 database server is on a remote node in a network.

Mimer SQL version 7 applications and tools can access a Mimer SQL Engine version 9 server through the client/server interface without any modification to the application.

The entry created for a version 9 server in the SQLHOSTS file is described in the Mimer SQL Engine System Management Handbook.

In version 9, the SERVICE field of the SQLHOSTS file should specify the specific port (TCP/IP) or network object (DECNET) to which the database server listens. If the NODE field is set to the name of the current node and the SERVICE field specifies a local database server, the connection will be established to the local server, using the client/server interface.

Local Client/server Access

It is possible to use the client/server interface locally, i.e. using a remote database definition which actually points to a local database server.

To achieve this, the file MIMLIB7:SQLHOSTS.DAT must be updated in a specific way using a 6th parameter in the remote definition.

The following example demonstrates this. The current node is STARTREK, i.e. where the Mimer SQL Engine version 9 server M9SERVER runs.

To access the M9SERVER database, the version 7 application must connect to the database M9ACCESS.

 -- ==================================================================
 -- Database
 -- ------------------------------------------------------------------
 -- ==================================================================
 -- Database           Path
 -- ------------------ -----------------------------------------------
 -- ==================================================================
 -- Database           Node               Protocol Interface Service
 -- ------------------ ------------------ -------- --------- ---------
    M9ACCESS           STARTREK           TCP      ''        1360 M9SERVER
 -- ==================================================================

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