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Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (10.1.2A):

  1. When converting from an invalid floating point value, i.e. NAN (Not A Number), the error handling now gives ArgumentOutOfRange  exception.
  2. All assemblies are now signed with both SHA1 and SHA2 digital signatures.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.1A):

  1. Handshake communication is now synchronized internally during MimerConnection.Open.
  2. Error handling during handshake processing is updated so that error codes are preserved properly.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0C):

  1. Comments are now supported in the DbProviderSection of machine.config.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0B):

  1. The MimerConnectionStringBuilder.Remove method did not correctly remove the requested item. This had strange effects on the connection dialog used by the Visual Studio server explorer. This is now corrected along with proper return code for the operation.
  2. No registry entries are now stored under compact framework registry keys.
  3. Uninstallation of the Mimer SQL Data Provider now leaves the registry in a consistent state.
  4. It is now possible to first install Mimer SQL Data Provider, then Visual Studio, followed by a repair of Mimer SQL Data Provider. The repair will correctly register the data provider with Visual Studio 2010.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0A):

  1. An internal lock is now taken by the MimerConnection class when releasing statement handles in the server. This secures the case where a parallel dispose is made by the garbage collector. This could cause the same statement to be incorrectly freed twice.
  2. When autocommit is used with read cursor the transaction was not always terminated properly when MimerDataReader.Close was called. This occurred in cases where the last call to the server did not return zero rows or when there were large objects present in the result set.
  3. When connecting to an old Mimer SQL server (i.e. 9.2) the handshake processing did not handle the connection properly resulting in a "server is closed" error message. This has now been corrected.
  4. When installing on a machine without Visual Studio accessing the documentation previously caused a repair of the installation. This will no longer occur.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (9.4.4A):

  1. When connecting to a TCP/IP resource, where several addresses are returned by the system, the data provider will now try to connect to all the addresses returned. This is particularly important when both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses are used in parallel. Previously only the first address was used and if this address failed no further attempts were made.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (9.4.3A):

  1. MimerDataReader.GetBytes and MimerDataReader.GetChars on large objects with length zero now works correctly.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider

  1. When inserting part of a byte-array in a binary large object column the stored length of the large object was incorrectly calculated. This has now been corrected.
  2. When using Enter, Leave, and Leave Retain the Mimer ADO.NET client did not keep correct track of statements. This could lead to error messages "Invalid statement identifier" being returned from the server. This is now corrected.

    After performing the SQL command Leave Retain the provider now returns InvalidOperationException if any statements are referenced where the SQL statement was compiled while the program level was entered. Please see the Mimer SQL reference for more information about the Enter and Leave commands.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (9.4.1C):

  1. Support for installing on Windows Vista.
  2. Returned SQLSTATE HY008 for an operation that was cancelled through MimerCommand.Cancel.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (9.4.1B):

  1. The documentation was not properly integrated into Visual Studios documentation set. This has now been corrected.
  2. Mimer is now included in the Add Reference dialog in Visual Studio. Previously the Mimer SQL Data Provider had to be located by browsing to the installation directory. This also allows the MimerDataAdapter, MimerCommand, MimerConnection, and MimerCommandBuilder to be added to the Toolbox.
  3. The ConnectionString editor now has correct attribute on the Password property.
  4. When a user-defined SQLSTATE value is signaled in a stored procedure, the MimerError.NativeError is now set correctly to -14043 (Routine signaled SQLSTATE).
  5. For machines where Visual Studio 2005 was not installed the shortcut for the Mimer SQL Data Provider documentation incorrectly invoked the Windows Installer before opening the documentation.
  6. The data table returned by MimerConnection.GetSchema("DataSourceInformation") now returns version information about the database server correctly.
  7. When passing parameters longer than 6 characters in the second argument to MimerConnection.GetSchema("Schemas", new string[] { "USERNAME" }) an ArgumentOutOfRangeException was incorrectly thrown. This is no longer the case.

Corrected functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (9.4.0A):

  1. When the garbage collector called MimerCommand.Dispose for an active MimerCommand and the application concurrently closed the current connection, an exception would in rare cases be thrown. This parallel access is now properly synchronized.