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Changed Functions
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Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.2A):

  1. In this version distributed transaction handling is no longer supported. This feature was present in the beta version 11.0.1B. However, the required support from .NET is not present in .NET Core and not in .NET 5. This functionality may be reintroduced in a later version.
  2. For the same reason the MimerDtcRecovery executable has been removed from the distribution.

Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.1B):

These changes align Mimer SQL ADO.NET with other providers in behavior.

  1. MimerCommand.CommandText now returns an empty string even if it is set to null.
  2. MimerCommand.Cancel allowed even if there is no connection. In this case nothing happens.
  3. For SQL statements that have no row count the return value from MimerCommand.ExecuteNonQuery is now -1 whereas it was 0 before.
  4. Improved error handling for conversion errors from string in the database to double precision. Invalid string arguments now give InvalidcastException.

Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.1A):

  1. Buffer sizes doubled in the Mimer SQL server, e.g. 2K buffers are now 4K in size. Therefore names of some performance counters have changed to better reflect this. The term Small is used for 2K, Medium for 16K, and Large instead of 64K. So, for example MimerPerformanceCounters.Pages2k is now named MimerPerformanceCounters.PagesSmall, etc. All the old names are still available for compatibility reasons.
  2. When using double and single precision float in the Mimer SQL version 11 server these now use IEEE-format. This means that the precision matches exactly what is used in .NET and thus, now, gives precise results for these data types when stored and retrieved from the database server.
  3. Integration with Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 no longer supported. The data providers can still, of course, be used with these versions of Visual Studio.

Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (10.1.2A):

  1. New installer technology used for installation. WIX is used instead of Visual Studio Deployment projects.

Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.1.0C):

  1. List returned by MimerConnection.GetSchema("ReservedWords") updated with reserved words in version 10.1 of Mimer SQL.

Changed functions in Mimer SQL Data Provider and (10.0.1A):

  1. The column IsUnique and IsKey in the result set returned by MimerDataReader.GetSchemaTable has a slightly different meaning. IsUnique is now true if the single column is unique by itself. IsKey is true if the column is part of a unique key, unique index, or a primary key consisting of one (IsUnique is also true in this case) or several columns.