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Known Restrictions
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Known restrictions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (11.0.1A):

  1. If applications, or Mimer SQL Servers, are terminated incorrectly while using distributed transactions, these can be recovered using the MimerDtcRecovery.exe program. Symptoms of this is error code -10002: Transaction aborted due to conflict with in-doubt transaction. The utility is run as follows:

    MimerDtcRecovery [-c] Database=name

    The switch -c is optional and will release additional resources held by MSDTC, the Microsoft Distributed Transaction coordinator. These can be viewed in the control panel under: Component Services/Computers/My Computer/Distributed Transaction Coordinator/Transaction List.

Known restrictions in Mimer SQL Data Provider (10.1.2A):

  1. .NET Compact Framework is no longer supported with this version of the Mimer SQL Data Provider. Install an earlier version if this functionality is needed.